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Amir Yeke is a Rome based artist, born in Tehran-Iran in 1973.

His approach to art began with photography, manual black and white and color,

under the guidance of Mohammad Sattari in Teheran.

He started to frequent the studio of the artist Ahmad Vakili

and after three years of full time practice of drawing and painting

in 2003 he moved to Armenia and enrolled in the course of painting

of professors Grigor Aghassian and Edward Vardanian

in the Academy of Fine Arts of Yerevan.

In 2007 he decided to continue his studies in Italy and began to conduct a busy life

between studies and “discovery” trips, pursuing artworks of masters he admires.

In 2011, after concluding a four year program with Costantino Baldino,

he has graduated from Accademia di Belle Arti of Rome

with the maximum of votes.

While living with realities of different cultures, Amir Yeke continues to witness and experiment

with a wide vareity of approaches and solutions regarding the essential issues of life.

From an urgent need to tell his story, both as the observer and the observed who keep on correlating

spaces distant in time, he learns to master his skills by entrusting them with

the responsible role of the teller.

His commitment to “filtering” those approaches and solutions enriches his conscience

and extends him with new clues for better dealing with the contradictions of his being.

His artworks are a record of his research still in “Spaces Independent of Time” and in “Labyriths of Equilibrium”…